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Dates On Demand: How to Meet & Attract Beautiful Women In Everyday Situations... Without Being Creepy!
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Sasha Daygame

Author, "The Direct Daygame Bible: How To Meet & Attract Beautiful Women In Everyday Situations"

Ryan Black

The UK's highest-paid Direct Daygame Coach
Co-founder, Infinite Man Summit
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Janne, Finland

"I definitely got my money's worth... I feel like I'm capable of going for the women I want now."

Brendan, USA

“What I just told a woman an hour ago about her beauty and how I felt about her, I would not have been able to say a week ago… There has been an effective, profound psychic change inside of me… That’s what makes this course different from any other program.”

Jack, Newcastle

"I am now living in the Caribbean with a beautiful Canadian woman. We had a child yesterday, baby boy. "
You'll Discover...
  • The 3-step system to meet and attract as many beautiful women as you want, in as short a time as possible
  • Exactly how, where, when, and why to express your interest in a girl... so she won't be creeped out
  • Uncover the three key mindsets that transformed both Ryan and Sasha from shy, awkward guys to men involved in multiple relationships with high quality women all over the globe.
  • Just one of these shifts can totally destroy your fear of rejection!
  • Why almost everything being taught about how to meet & attract women is the slowest and most difficult road to success.
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WARNING: We'll be sharing powerful secrets of seduction usually reserved for our $4,000 - $15,000+ paying clients. We'll shatter your existing mindsets, and blow so-called 'PUA Gurus' & dating 'experts' out of the water. If you are easily offended, don't like having your beliefs challenged, or don't like to take personal responsibility for changing your life, then do not attend.
There will be NO REPLAY. So grab a paper and pen and claim your spot below!
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