5 Simple Steps My Clients Use To Break Through To Freedom From Past Hurts, Shine In Their Careers And Build Happy Trusting Relationships Even If They've Tried Every Self-Help Technique And Therapy And Nothing Has Worked

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Dr. Lorry Leigh Belhumeur

I have a Ph.D. from UCLA. I’m a licensed psychologist in the state of California. I am an expert with over 30 years in the field of childhood trauma and resilience, and 18 years experience as CEO of a large non-profit providing trauma informed care to children and families. I’m known as a leader of leaders paving the way to reduce the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences and breaking the cycle for the next generation. I have lived experience as a survivor of childhood trauma and am a walking example of resilience and hope for a bright future.

October 31
Saturday, October 31 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern

In this training, I'll reveal…

  • The exact step by step system my amazing clients get to use to overcome past hurts... even if they've been stuck for years and nothing has helped!
  • Why using self-help books or relying solely on traditional therapy are the worst way to rebuild confidence (and the simple system my clients are using to renew their connection practically effortlessly).
  • How my clients are rekindling their energy for work and relationships, learning to fuel and achieve success without constantly self- sabotaging
  • How my clients set loving boundaries and live in freedom even if they have deeply seeded self-defeating habits
  • How my clients are able to do all these things while being positive and having fun along the way, without rehashing the past or talking about their problems over and over!


It will be 100% pure, value-driven content you can use STARTING TODAY! Grab a spot, because they WILL be GONE!

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