4 Proven Shifts Driven Professional Women Use to Ditch Binges, Take Back Control & Finally Live The Life They Want

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In this masterclass, you'll discover -

  • Why driven women are prone to self-sabotage and binging...and how to stop it for good

  • The step-by-step process to permanently live in ease & peace with food & body without the frustrating cycle of diets, deprivation, researching and therapy...even if nothing else has worked

  • How my driven professional clients end 10, 20, even 30 years of yo-yo with food and finally feel in control, calm and confident of their eating

  • these driven women do all this while spending LESS time on food and MORE time living their joy & purpose than ever before


  • Sai Khanna

    Food Boss, ex-Fortune 50. I help driven professional women master food, feel comfortable & confident in their bodies and live life making the impact they desire at home, work and in their community. My clients say, "I don't feel like binging anymore...I didn't imagine I would ever say this. After 30 years...I'm so grateful for everything I've learnt from you. It's changed my life."