Shamanth Pereira Presents:The 5 Foolproof 'Insider Secrets' My Clients Use To Land Their High-Paying Dream Career

(Even If They'Re Underqualified, Want To Transition Industries Or Have Been Stuck In The Same Job For Years.)

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Shamanth Pereira

Shamanth Pereira is the founder of Career 2.0. She helps ambitious professionals reinvent themselves and land their high paying dream career by serving them with total authenticity

July 21
Sunday, July 21 9:00 PM London

What You're Going To Learn...

  • The 5 critical factors to landing your next high paying dream career QUICKLY, and move away from the cubicle of hell FOREVER (HINT: You can apply this as soon as you get off the masterclass!)
  • The REAL reason why 95% of people are doing it the wrong way (and how to avoid this KILLER mistake)
  • The simple yet proven structure that propels an applicant to the top of the 'interview pile' in companies who can't wait to hire you!
  • Why sending out thousands of resumes, spending hours filling out application forms are the SLOWEST, most tedious ways of getting interviews…. and the #1 strategy our clients are using to consistently land their dream interviews and job offers QUICKLY
  • And... How they can do all this without missing out on daily activities, like date night, eating, breathing, living ….. :)


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