Dr. Klara Adalena Shares the 5 - Shift Strategy Successful Business Women use to Get an Amazing Man and Start a Family - Even if You Think You Can't Do Love and Time is Running Out
STOP procastinating & step into epic pleasure and lasting love!
May 20th
9:00 PM Amsterdam

Dr. Klara Adalena

Klara is a worldknown mentor to business women.

Klara's clients create great relationships and find fulfillment and happiness while rocking their career.

Klara's specialty is helping professional women own their feminine pleasure, find the love of their life and beat the biological clock .

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"Thanks to Klara I found the love of my life and aligned with my deepest purpose. She taught me to trust myself and the universe and within weeks my soulmate appeared! We are now blissfully happy as we live together and enjoy our beautiful daughter."

Evelijne Bruning, Dragon of Disruptive Dynamics & Country Director of The Hunger Project, Netherlands

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You're Going To Learn ...
  • How this is the BEST moment in your life to start a relationship - and you can let this moment be the kickoff to an amazing relationship with an amazing partner.
  • How to own your pleasure and get what you want in love – and stop wasting months or years on a man who won’t commit.
  • How being true to yourself can actually be irresistibly sexy – and you no longer need to lose yourself within a relationship .
  • How a man rooted in his power and ready to meet you and sweep you off your feet is waiting for you - and how to get him.
  • How to prevent agonizing over whether he will commit and propose - and how to have commitment in every phase of the relationship.
  • How to become the one who gets to choose - join us now and take your love life into your own hands!
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