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Getting to Know Steve Levi:
Master of the Impossible Crime

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Steve Levi: Master Of The Impossible Crime

My motto is simple: “If you do not have something unique, you have nothing.” Every book I write is unique; different from every book I’ve ever read. My books are historically accurate, factually solid impossible crime stories. I trust you will say after reading one of my books, “Well, that was different, exciting, unique; I can’t wait for the next one.”

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During Steve's Webinar you will learn:

  • Learn why my publisher refers to me as the Master Of The Impossible Crime.
  • Become personally acquainted with a published author!
  • Enjoy being on a first name basis with a writer who shares your interests.
  • How you can share ideas with me.
  • How you can give me ideas for a book.
  • Why readers say the impossible crime series is their best whodunnit mystery.
  • Enjoy meeting a Sherlock Holmes-like protagonist, with a quirky sense of humor and a no-nonsense attitude.
  • And much much more...


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