Eleanore Strong Presents: The 5-Step Strategy That Coaches and Consultants Are Using to Easily Attract Their First Premium Clients

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Eleanore Strong

Client Attraction Strategist for Coaches & Consultants

January 25
Saturday, January 25 9:00 AM Eastern

During This Webinar You'll Learn...

  • A step-by-step game plan to easily attract amazing premium clients WITHOUT using complicated strategies or spending more time and money on marketing.
  • How to sell any coaching/consulting service for a premium price (thousands instead of hundreds)... even if you've struggled to sell it at a lower price.
  • The real reason why sharing "tips" and "strategies" with your audience is NOT a good strategy for getting clients - and what to do instead so they want to HIRE you, starting today!
  • How to create a marketing/sales process that enrolls clients QUICKLY and doesn't require you to be a tech wizard or create tons of content.
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