Builders Coach Webinar
How to Create a High-Performing and Profitable Team

Wednesday, 28 October

11:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Webinar Starts In...
What You're Going To Learn
  • How to “sell” your vision to your team and get them enthusiastic about it, no matter how wild or extreme it seems
  • How your team can consistently meet and exceed the most demanding expectations, and love it
  • What the ‘Keep – Stop – Start’ process is, and why it’s the single fastest way to turn around poor morale
  • How to make important, even unpopular decisions and “sell” them to your team. Your ability to do this will make or break your business
  • How to transform even the worst, most dysfunctional team into a unified, high performing group – often it’s one team member who sets the tone, and I’ll show you how to identify who it is and how to turn them into a role model instead
  • A brand new recruiting process which attracts the right people to your team and makes it simple to work out who should, and shouldn’t be offered a position. This never fails and you have to see it to believe how powerful it is
  • How to get more done in one day than most people get done in a week