5 Proven Strategies
to Find More Money to
Invest & Re-Invest in Real Estate

Speakers For This Webinar:
Terry Records
Leading Real Estate Investment Expert Broker/Owner/Agent
 Author of: $5k to $6.5 Million, You Can Too! & Should You Rent it? Flip it? or Run? (1st Q 2019)
Jason Nordhougen
Leading Real Estate Investment Expert
Licensed Contractor FL
Home Inspections
Real Estate Agent 
Learn the most important strategies to successfully invest in Real Estate!
Wednesday, November 20 at 10:00 AM (Eastern)
What We'll Cover In This Complimentary Presentation:
Secret #1: The Power of Traditional Financing to Build Wealth
The power and use of traditional financing is frequently overlooked by many or used in it's entirety by others. It is extremely important for investors looking to build a portfolio to understand the different products available and idiosynchrasies of leveraging traditional financing in building a portfolio. 
Secret #2: Strategies Private and Hard Money 
Understanding the use private & hard money is crucial to be able to invest in today's market. Whether you have good credit; bad credit; a  job; self-employed or even retired, learning and using this tool will allow you to do more real estate deals! 
Secret #3: How You Can Use a Self-Directed IRA to Build Wealth
An often overlooked strategy to build wealth and/or obtain financing is the use of self-directed IRAs. They can be used to personally buy property or lend money to an unrelated party to buy property making it possible to purchase with no money down!
Secret #4:  How to Leverage Assets to Increase Your Cash
This topic is very interesting and often over-looked because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.  You will receive a better understanding of how to use HELOC's to your advantage. Reverse mortgages aren't just used to pay someone income like they are shown on TV. They can be used to buy property and/or lend money.  Listen to this unique approach and utilize these strategies to help you attain your real estate investment goals.
Secret #5: The Power of Rehab Loans and How to Use Them Effectively
Have you been watching all those flip shows on TV? Yes, well join America! It all looks so easy, right? What they don't tell you is how to pay for the home & the rehab. Rehab projects are cash cows. Many investors pay CASH to do these projects. Join us to ind out how to save your cash and get the work financed in the loan. Rehab loans are a must tool in your belt!
Let's Discover Your American Dream Together!

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Terry & Jason

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Wednesday, November 20 at 10:00 AM (Eastern)