5 Insider Secrets Our Clients Use to Earn $10,000 or More Per Month with Their Signature Online Courses (even if they are newbies with no tech or marketing skills)

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Presented by Keba Richardson

Keba Richardson is a former holistic nutrition coach with a background in business economics. She is the founder of Online Biz Wizards and is dedicated to helping integrative, alternative, and functional health professionals make more impact and income through online business. She’s helped chiropractors, health coaches, nutritionists, etc create highly profitable online courses that have transformed their businesses.

November 20
Wednesday, November 20 7:45 AM Pacific / 10:45 AM Eastern

Let’s Monetize Your Expertise Fast! In this Masterclass, You’ll Discover...

  • A step by step game plan to make five figures or more per month with your online course even if you are tech challenged and have no experience in marketing
  • The real reason why one on one coaching is the worst strategy for a highly profitable online business and how you can earn $10k or more per month without doing one on one coaching, working tons of hours or trading time for dollars
  • The secret to earning residual income anytime anyplace and how you can enjoy more freedom in your business
  • How our clients are creating online courses from scratch in 8 weeks or less and becoming authority figures in their niche even if they are new to online business and the secret strategy that makes it happen practically overnight


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