Attuned Living Presents The Five-Step Strategy My Successful Clients Use To Single-Handedly Create A Close, Connected, Passionate Marriage... (even if there have been major betrayals or they are on the verge of separation or divorce)

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Itzel Hayward

Itzel Hayward is a leading expert coach on love, marriage, and relationships. She has a proven system for re-igniting the love, closeness, and connection - and she has helped hundreds of individuals single-handedly make their marriages great, even saving couples from the brink of divorce.

September 18
Wednesday, September 18 3:00 PM Pacific / 6:00 PM Eastern

Let's Turn Your Marriage Around Fast! In This Masterclass, You'll Discover:

  • The step-by-step strategy my clients use to become just as successful in their marriage as they are in other areas of their life... even they're currently on the verge of separation or divorce.
  • The secret to single-handedly making a marriage great, without sacrificing dignity, self-respect, integrity or authenticity.
  • How my clients become a magnet for their partner's love, attention, and adoration, while loving themselves in the process.
  • Why so much of the conventional wisdom out there about relationships (even from seemingly-credible sources) is the exact WRONG advice to follow.. and the better way to get the loving connection of a lifetime.
  • AND how to do all this while being completely true to yourself and never sacrificing who you are or what you want.


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