Author Masterminds Presents

Getting to Know Robin Barefield:
Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author


Thursday, August 16th

12:10 PM Pacific, 3:10 PM Eastern

Robin Barefield

Today's webinar is my story about how I became a published author and charter member of Author Masterminds; and why that may be important to you.

You're Going to Learn:


it's like to live in the Alaska wilderness among wild animals including Kodiak bears.


I'm able to put my readers on a Kodiak beach, in a plane flying over the island, on a boat plowing through waves, or in the unique commercial fishing port of the town of Kodiak.


I open your senses to Alaska because my mystery novels take place in wilderness Alaska; not in an urban setting.


the mystique of the Alaska wilderness appeal to you? When you imagine Alaska, do you think of wild animals, roaring rivers, sharp mountain peaks, waves crashing onto the shore, and eagles soaring overhead?

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I’m Looking Forward to Getting to Know You

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