A New High-Value Approach To WordPress Consulting 5 Ways To Win High-Paying Clients
In Today's New WordPress Economy (...while everyone else keeps fighting for low-budget, high-stress clients)

Yes, Save My Spot !
Lee Blue

I work with WordPress developers and web designers helping them restructure, build, and scale their businesses based on the lessons I've learned over the last 16 years running my web design agency.

May 28
Thursday, May 28 5:00 AM Pacific / 8:00 AM Eastern

During this presentation you will discover:

  • The 5 step plan for WordPress consultants to increase the value of their projects while building a sustainable business supported by monthly retainers so they don't constantly have to find new clients.
  • Why setting project prices based on hourly rates limits growth and the new business structure that can scale to 6-figures.
  • How to win new clients even if they don't think they need a new website.
  • How WordPress consultants can fundamentally shift their mindset towards leadership and leverage all of their skills and experience to dramatically differentiate themselves so they can charge 5x to 10x more without getting priced out of the market.
  • How to overcome the "feast or famine" problem and stabilize cash-flow by offering high-value monthly retainers (and not just for WordPress maintenance plans or pre-paid hours).
  • How to do all of this while building better, more meaningful, client relationships.

Please Note: There Is Nothing For Sale In This Presentation.

This is 45 minutes of actionable content that anyone can start applying to their business right now.

Yes, Save My Spot !