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About Laura Alamery

Laura Alamery is a real estate investor and consultant with extensive experience in several aspects of the real estate business. She has practiced real estate nationwide for over 25 years and she has hosted seminars and public speaking engagements for over 15 years, in subjects like wholesaling, creative financing, building wealth with multi-family buildings, commercial real estate, buying notes and short sales, probate, tax liens and other areas of real estate investing.

She has successfully started and leaded a real estate syndication group of private investors who actively purchase, rehab and sell properties since 2001. She has also being actively wholesaling properties for over 20 years and held a real estate license in several states.

She currently runs several real estate clubs across United States and actively coaches real estate investors nationwide, live and online. Laura stays on the cutting edge of real estate investing by actively updating her strategies and information, keeping up with the changing times and real estate business evolution. As a mentor and teacher she has helped hundreds of investors get off to the right start in investing and consulted experienced investors in taking their strategies to the next level. Laura left the corporate world in 1995 after obtaining an MBA in Finance, in order to invest in real estate full time (after she realized she was making more money working in real estate part time than her full time corporate job as an assistant controller.)

Join me on this Special Presentation, where I am going to share with you some revolutionary strategies on how to build a passive income portfolio of properties with no money or credit.

On this exclusive training you will discover:

How to Build a Portfolio of Cash Flow Properties Starting Today regardless of Credit or Financial Situation

My Proven System of How I Did It - Step-by-Step Process

How to Generate Passive Income without Owning a Single Piece of Real Estate

...and much more!

Everyone attending will receive the 3 Week Action Plan and Goal Setting Workbook to jumpstart your success!

If you are looking for a system to create long term wealth for you and your family, with little to no risk involved, don't miss this presentation.

My warmest wishes for your success,

Laura Alamery

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Tuesday, April 07

5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern

I look forward to empowering you with the knowledge and strategies to start making money in real estate right away and truly reach financial independence in the shortest time possible!

My warmest wishes for your success,
Laura Alamery
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