LIVE MASTER CLASS Unlock Six Figure Cash Flow: How My Clients and I Have Grown Our Businesses to Fund the Life We Crave Without Hustling, Grinding, or Doing Things We Don't Love

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Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA

Darnyelle helps service-based entrepreneurs become 6 or 7 figure CEOs in a year or less so that they can fund the life the crave while building a business that serves them.

September 19
Wednesday, September 19 7:00 PM Eastern
Thursday, September 20 2:00 PM Eastern

During this Master Class you will learn:

  • What it really takes to attract ideal, high paying clients who get INCREDIBLE results without spending hours and hours creating content, launching new products and services or a large advertising budget
  • How my clients are raising their rates without working more hours, so that they have time to live the life they desire while bulletproofing their financial future and giving their family access to what matters most
  • Why not charging higher rates is actually doing clients a disservice and the powerful shift to make getting paid more for the transformation you offer a regular occurrence
  • How business owners can position themselves as the go-to authority in their industry RIGHT NOW, even if they don’t have a boatload of client testimonials or no one knows them
  • Why the old way of marketing will never produce a steady flow of ideal clients and the FASTEST WAY to increase qualified leads
  • The secret weapon our clients are using to build their businesses to six or multiple six (or even seven figures) a year, without sacrificing anything that truly matters to them.
  • And how we do ALL this while working less, enjoying the journey and building a business that fully funds the life we crave


Increased confidence in your expertise, raising your rates, and building a business that TRULY funds the life you crave.

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