The Message of You Presents

Three Relationships That Get In Your Way Of Your Success

with Connie Podesta and Judy Carter


Wednesday, February 26th

6:00 PM Pacific, 9:00 PM Eastern

Judy Carter

Author | Speaker | Comedian

Connie Podesta

Therapist | Author | Speaker

If you have ever wondered what is getting in the way of your success, you’ll want to join us for this free hour webinar with speaker, author, comedian and therapist, Connie Podesta.

In this hour of power, Judy and Connie will take you on a journey into yourself to create exactly what you want in your life in terms of your career, finances, health, and relationships. Get ready for blunt talk, no BS, and no excuses.

You're Going To Learn about...

How to

Know your value so you can always ask for what you’re worth.

How to

Clear obstacles that get in the way of physical, mental and emotional health.

How to

Attract and sustain healthy functional long term relationships.

How to

Apply these changes to your professional life and get on a path to success

Who is Connie Podesta?

Connie Podesta is a game-changing, idea-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of humor, substance, style and personality have made her one of the most memorable, in-demand speakers in the world today. 25 years. Two million people. 1000 organizations. Hall of Fame speaker. Award-winning author. Seven books including “Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t For Other People“.

Who is Judy Carter?

At an early age, Judy Carter discovered that the messes in her life were great comedy material. Judy speaks internationally on using stories as transformation tools and her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as well as on NPR's All Things Considered and she is also a weekly blogger for Psychology Today.

As an author, Judy doesn't like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke, she is the author of The Comedy Bible and her latest book, The Message of You: Turn Your Life Story into a Speaking Career, teaches readers how to become her competition.

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