The 5-Step Strategy Other PR Pros are Using to Uplevel Their Content Marketing Skills they aren't pumping out content for months with no results

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I’m an award-winning author in the PR industry who loves to teach and help other PR pros, a digital PR pioneer with more than 20 years of experience who began her love affair with digital in the early days of the internet, a trusted consultant that successfully charges hundreds of dollars per hour for digital tactics that make brands more visible online, and a passionate strategist for content marketing and search engine optimization tactics THAT WORK. I’m all about results.

June 18
Tuesday, June 18 3:00 PM Arizona / 6:00 PM Eastern

I’m going to show you…

  • A step-by-step process that ensures YOUR content consistently moves the needle… so you aren't blogging for months on end with no website traffic growth and no ROI.
  • Why smart PR professionals need to easily publish content that is irresistible to their target audience AND Google… confidently using it to bring in warm leads that convert.
  • The real reason most fail to see results from their content and spend months (years!) producing content with no results… and what we do instead.
  • How our clients understand the exact questions their ideal target audience looks for online… then ANSWERS those questions with effective content that is easily found online by that audience.
  • ...Smart but simple tactics, so you can learn in a short amount of time what I spent 20 YEARS mastering.


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