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    Positive Results
  • Self Confidence
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  • More Energy

Discover and embark on a journey to longevity where you discover:

  • Happiness: You’ll learn strategies: how to plan meals, shop, prepare meals and be mindful of how to avoid sabotages
  • Restored Health: Your health will improve because you are implementing what you learned from your solutions and seeing and feeling the difference
  • More Energy: You will be using meal plans, with foods, tips, cheat sheets made up of the right foods, right-sized portion a wide variety coupled with exercise/movement activity
  • Self Confidence: Because you are unique, capable and complete you will learn and adapt to make the changes you want to eventually create your own health strategies as you experience your positive results
  • Balanced diet with variety of foods distributed as macronutrients: composed of carbohydrates, protein and fat to contribute to your better quality of life
  • Mindful eating that gives you the ingredients and tools to change old habits and adopt new habits to make changes
  • Positive results of a healthy lifestyle

Think about what it is costing you if you do not make a change? Your health is at risk! You have a choice to make:

Stay on the path you’re now on that will lead to sickness - or - get on a path to better health.

Hope Nutritional Services is the vehicle and one stop food and nutrition healthy lifestyle platform that provides services, products and tools to jumpstart and steer you to a permanent healthy lifestyle program.

Who is the driving force behind Hope Nutritional Services?

I am Hope Anderson… a registered dietitian/ nutritionist, a healthy lifestyle coach of Hope Nutritional services and I can help you on your journey to become leaner, healthier with my “6 Month Healthy Jumpstart Program” that includes once a week tips with advice, recipes, meal plans and healthy eating techniques for you to implement and get the results you want.

Hope Nutritional services bring you tried and true effective strategies and solutions that worked for me as well as many of my clients to reach our health and wellness goals. What we learned is that we can enjoy better health using a plan that included nutrient rich foods that are balanced combined with exercise/movements.

Here is my story

From an early age, I had a desire to help others, I watched my mother help others in our community and diligently tend to her garden.

Like my mother who was my mentor, I became interested in natural healing and foods and decided to pursue my college education in Foods and Nutrition and becoming a dietitian. My childhood dreams materialized, and for the last 8 years, I have been learning and focusing on my own business offering personal service to empower others to help themselves.

I too have my own unique health challenges as a pre-diabetic. But through research, dieting and self care, I manage my health and improve my health that my doctor told me that my health profile is “that of a 5 year old.”

My passion for food and nutrition and commitment in making a difference in the lives of others brought me closer in realizing my dreams and helping you.