Learn How To Relieve Emotions On Demand Without Meditating, Reframing or Positive Thinking
(What you've been doing wrong your whole life)
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Tuesday October 27 2020

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Clear your Mind ... Transform your Life
In The Next 50 Minutes, You'll Discover:
  • Why emotional relief techniques tend to be Ineffective - While everything tends to help but nothing really gets us where we want to go.
  • The 3 Keys to Emotional Relief - What they are and where you need to put your attention.
  • The Secret Power of Expression - Why it's important, why we have trouble with it and how you can improve it.
  • The Science Behind the Process - Learn the about the science that underlies the process we'll use for emotional relief.
  • Exercise in Emotional Relief - Work through a special exercise to immediately reduce an emotional discomfort.
  • Understand Clear Thinking - Learn how it's different from simple emotional relief and how it can benefit you.
  • See Videos of Clear Thinking - See people use a process to clearly think through challenging emotional and business issues.
  • Learn how Clear Thinking can Transform your Life - Learn the ways it can help you achieve your more elusive goals.
  • And So Much More...
Dr. Vijay Ram, PhD, MS, MBA
Dr. Vijay Ram is a cognitive scientist who specializes in the area of clarity and clear thinking. He helps people from all walks of life achieve peak levels of clear thinking. He trains them to rapidly eliminate mental and emotional blocks while also generating more ideas. He holds 5 degrees, 4 of which are from UC Berkeley and is a visiting research scientist at the University of California.
"This is a miraculous thing!! It helps me move past all the stuff I am blocked by. I see myself moving onto the new and letting go of the old."

- Belle J., Composer


Tuesday October 27 2020

Starting Soon, Click To Join!
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