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The 5 Shifts Our Clients Make To Master Their Marriage & Build Thriving Families 

(even when they felt like giving up on marriage completely)



You're Going To Discover...

Jodie Rodenbaugh ME ED, CPC 

Jodie is a Master Love Educator & Relationship Expert. Her specialty is helping women heal past trauma & relationship pain, rebuild their love lives on a strong foundation, and liberate the greatest version of themselves so that they can lead their children the greater wisdom to thriving. 

  • The secrets our clients now know that helped them rebuild their relationships even when they felt like giving up
  • How our clients go from feeling alone & resentful in their relationship to a partnership full of passion & excitement 
  • How we help women stop destructive patterns stealing their energy and burning them out
  • Why children don't have to hear arguing to know there's something wrong & how to prevent passing bad patterns onto them
  • Why so many intelligent, driven women can bring their A-game in business and career & feel like losers at home
  • How therapy & counseling perpetuate the relationship problem while our solution transforms

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