Eleanore Strong Presents: The 6-Step Strategy That Coaches and Experts Are Using to Scale to $10K-$30K+ Months (With Ease, Joy, and No Paid Advertising)

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Eleanore Strong

Business Mentor for Coaches & Experts

January 18
Saturday, January 18 5:00 PM Eastern

During This Webinar You'll Learn...

  • The exact blueprint to easily scale your income to $10K-$30K per month (and beyond) - without adding more complexity to your business, using paid advertising, or spending more time than you are now.
  • How to attract clients who pay 2X, 3X, or 10X more than your current clients do... even if you've struggled to sell your existing offers.
  • How to get lots more enrollments WITHOUT doing lots more discovery calls.
  • How to generate dozens of free leads every day using a simple strategy that's available to you right now.
  • How to create a marketing/sales process that attracts and enrolls clients quickly and easily - and doesn't require you to be a tech wizard or create tons of content.
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