5 Steps Our Busy Mom Clients Are Taking To Drop Up To 20-50 Lbs
By Tapping Into The Power Of Their Subconscious Mind
A super simple system our busy mom clients are using to shed 20 to 50 pounds even if they've been struggling to lose weight for years
How our clients learn deep mindset tricks so they never have to go on another diet again
The real reason why spending hours at the gym is a terrible strategy for losing weight
The single component missing from ALL weight loss programs that causes people to fail and gain back all the weight they lost
How to go from being exhausted and barely surviving the day to boosting with energy and crushing that To-Do list
...And how our clients do all of this without giving up their favourite foods and start loving how they look in the mirror!
presented by
Hira Zia CHC.

  • Hira Zia is a Certified Health Coach and the founder of Moms In Shape. She helps busy moms lose 20 to 50 pounds so they increase their energy, feel confident and love how they look in the mirror.
Because Every Woman Deserves To Feel Beautiful!
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