5 Steps My Clients Use to Reverse Symptoms of Chronic Illness or Autoimmune Disease (without drugs, seeing specialists, or restrictive eating plans)

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August 19th

at 2:00 PM Pacific, 5:00 PM Eastern

Presented by

Toréa M Rodriguez FDN-P

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After completing her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, Toréa has embodied transformation and self-discovery.  

She’s worked at some of the leading dot-com Silicon Valley companies, has held executive positions and she used to be a professional pilot flying jets for private families & charter companies out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Her diagnosis of two debilitating autoimmune diseases brought her back to biochemistry, not only achieving full remission, but also certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner.  

During that time she discovered her love of coaching.  

Today, she coaches her professional women clients through their own unique transformational experience that helps restore health, energy and clarity so they can focus on their priorities without sacrificing their health.

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In this training you will discover...

  • The simple 5-step strategy to understanding symptoms... knowing exactly where to start... without seeing a ton of specialists
  • How my clients overcome nagging fatigue without taking additional expensive (and sometimes harmful) medications, even if they have been struggling with insomnia and sleep issues for months
  • The real reason why going on an elimination diet (such as AIP, Paleo or SCD) is NOT a good strategy for autoimmune... and the terrifying reason it may actually do more harm than good
  • The secret to escaping palpitations, pain, and brain fog… and instead achieving mental clarity & focus without an afternoon slump... AND how my clients do so naturally
  • AND… how my clients do all of this WHILE finding their clothes fit more loosely, still savor eating their favorite foods and having abundant time with their family and loved ones

WARNING: THERE IS NOTHING FOR SALE AT THIS WORKSHOP. This is 100% actionable content! You will leave this workshop with a step-by-step plan to start reversing symptoms naturally.

Many clients already had tried every remedy that's available for their chronic symptoms AND many usually report this is some of the most valuable training they have EVER received, because of that, spaces in this workshop typically fill up very quickly.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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