Wildly Wealthy Goddesses: The Step-By Step Strategy to Creating Lasting Income & Wealth

Masterclass Training

With Isis Jade

May 26

Saturday, May 26

  • 9:00 AM Pacific (Los Angeles)
  • 11:00 AM Central (Chicago)
  • 12:00 PM PM Eastern (New York)

During this
Free Intensive Masterclass You
Will Learn:

  • the 4 myths about money and wealth accumulation most successful women secretly struggle with.
  • the 5 simple steps to creating a foundation for lasting financial security and real wealth.
  • how to become as successful with money & wealth as you are in other areas of life.
  • the simplest way to deal with the hidden money trauma that has blocked you, once and for all.
  • how to magnetize yourself for high income fast & enjoy using your newfound magnetism to get everything you ever wanted in life.
  • how to eliminate virtually everything that wastes your valuable time and precious energy & make your financial dreams a reality.
  • how to communicate from a high value position so others can respond to you and give you want you want.
  • how to be irresistible to money and wealth without feeling needy or desperate.
  • and... exactly how to do all this without running into the traps that most successful women fall into: the stress, burnout, fatigue, overwork, overwhelm and frustration.

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