Freedom From Riding With Stiffness, Aches and Pains =Freedom To Be In Sync With Your Horse 

... and is the real key to optimal rider-horse communication

THIS WEBINAR BEGINS: Friday, September 20th 8:00 PM CENTRAL


On this presentation you will discover :

  • Why struggling to sit the trot or sticking a spook has nothing to do with strength … and what is really going on.
  • The real reason being stiff and 'catty wompers' can make any rider lose confidence (no matter how long they've been riding) ...
  • ... what it takes to re-claim a comfortable, secure and confident seat. 
  • Why ‘toughing it out’ (which seems like a good idea at first) really just results in riding guarded and protective, confuses most horses and has riders reaching for Epsom salt after every ride. 
  • How our clients finally break the stiffness, aches and pain cycle so they can look forward to riding to their heart's content (for as long as they wish) ... and enjoy the side-effect of a more positive and cooperative horse. 
  • And … how they do all this without missing a single day of riding!

About Your Presenter

Anna Bergenstrahle, MSc Exercise Science, MSc Equine Science, Postural Alignment Specialist, has spent the past 20 years in the health and fitness industry.

Anna specializes in taking riders from 'OW' to 'WOW' ... helping riders find (and re-claim) their true riding potential by helping them create (and restore) balance, symmetry and harmony to their bodies so they can: alleviate pain - get rid of un-necessary stiffness - restore proper range of motion - unlock their hips and back to allow for a stable yet supple, balanced and secure seat!


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