An introduction to how we can apply the ancient teachings of yoga in our everyday lives…

(improve your life and the lives of the people around you!)

Wednesday, June 19 at 11:58 PM (Eastern)

What are the FOUR BIGGEST MISTAKES you are making right now?

Learn a simple way to determine what you are in CONTROL of…
and what you are not.

What is the ONE THING you can practice to make your life better?

BONUS: Serenity Sequence video

This accessible sequence of yoga movements is designed to calm and center the mind and body. You can use this before or after a stressful situation, in the morning or at bedtime, or anytime you want to feel calm, centered, and grounded.
"This program was comprehensive, thoughtful, thought provoking and fun. Mia presents the material in multiple formats…which allows the student to process and learn in their own way. The reading materials are beautiful, there is much focus on the inner work and the discussions are often lively.. I am deeply grateful to Mia for offering this course and for always being on time, prepared, engaged, present and accessible for her students throughout."
"I am so grateful to have found Mia and this opportunity. I loved that it was spread out over [time], which afforded me time to truly integrate the concepts off of my mat, and into my life. Mia is clearly passionate about her work, and was a loving and supportive guide. A teacher's infectious passion is what can make a teacher really great, so I thank Mia for that!!" 
Mia Oramous works intensely with yoga students to improve their bodies, their minds, and their lives. She is a ERYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and leads classes and teacher trainings at her studio, Transform NOLA, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her intention with all her trainings is to help others achieve balance and relieve suffering in their bodies, minds and lives.
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