Live Online Training How To KNOW Your Marketing Campaign is Driving Admissions

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With Daryl Johnson
With Daryl Johnson

How to Know Your Marketing Campaign is Driving Admissions

With Daryl Johnson

Are you currently spending money on direct response marketing, but aren’t sure if you’re getting quality leads? Is your admissions team telling you that none of the calls are qualified? Not sure where to begin in auditing the ENTIRE sales funnel for maximum admissions?

Then this webinar is perfect for you!

Daryl Johnson would like to invite you to an Exclusive Webinar on "How to get the Best Patients for your Center using PPC".

Daryl has 20 years experience in consulting and running businesses, with the last 8 years specializing in PPC, online marketing, and Daryl has helped some of the largest Drug Addiction centers successfully optimize their sales funnel and bring in more qualified admissions.

In this exclusive webinar, Daryl will discuss the following:

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