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Do you know the rule in business that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients?

What that REALLY means is 80% of your clients are the WRONG clients!

Learn how to attract the RIGHT customers that value what you do and pay you what you’re worth!


Learn the 5 Strategies of Emotional Branding that trigger your ideal clients to choose you above everyone else. That makes you so irresistible, price becomes irrelevant.

  • Speak the Secret Language of your ideal client that they can’t resist.
  • Discover why what makes you different makes you stand out.
  • Learn how no matter how competitive your business is, you CAN stand out.
  • Find out why triggering your ideal clients emotions is critical.
  • Start attracting your “right” clients and filtering out the rest.

For years, Jeffrey has been helping creative professionals reach exceptional levels of success just as he did as a sought-after photographer for an affluent clientele, an in demand business coach, and host of the popular Creative Warriors podcast.



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