Andrea Crisp Presents: Free Masterclass

Andrea Crisp is a certified life coach, a speaker and the author of Designed With Purpose. She has coached and empowered hundreds of creatives across the globe to move past their limiting beliefs and accomplish their life purpose.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
This is what you will learn on the FREE masterclass:
“If you’re following your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This saying is more than a trend -- it’s the truth.
So what’s your truth? Perhaps you’re not surrounding yourself with the right people, or you’re always saying “yes” when your heart is really screaming “no.” Whatever the case, my free “5 Keys To Unlock Your Purpose" masterclass will help you discover how to live your authentic life and lead with purpose. Yes, you heard right - it’s free! (Pretty much a win-win.)
Sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee while you listen, and prepare to live your purpose.
  • How To Surround Yourself With - life giving relationships that fuel and energize you!
  • A Few Proven Methods - that will allow you to live in freedom from fear and overwhelm.
  • Crystal Clear Clarity - on how to start making decisions to move your life forward now!
  • A Daily Ritual - that will get you saying 'YES' to your dreams today.
  • And Much More...

Tara's Story

In the past it was a true struggle for me to ask for help. I'd bury myself in stress rather than admit need help. 'Breakthrough Coaching" with Andrea gave me the tools I needed to take ownership of my business decisions, and move it in a new direction. I can’t rave enough about how this incredible woman has helped me succeed in my business & in my personal life. I am forever grateful, and so excited for the journey I’m on.

Karin's Story

The first time I spoke with Andrea, I was blown away by how much she "got" me. I have to be perfectly honest: I didn't even know or realize I needed the help of a Life Coach! After all, I thought I had a clear vision of where I was heading, career-wise. But as it turns out, my potential wasn't being fully realized and the need for Andrea's "Breakthrough Coaching" program was exactly what I needed to recognize my purpose. As a mom who left the corporate world after 15 years to go out on my own as a Freelance Writer, Andrea has helped me uncover my breakthrough, manage clients with poise, and always stay true to my integrity. She has a way of making me feel calm during our sessions, and pushes me to dig deep, look internally, and ask myself *scary* questions I've never taken the time to ask. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed so serendipitously as I I have learned to be firm with my boundaries, be confident with my decisions, and am clear on my brand. I am a stronger woman and businesswoman thanks to Andrea!

Michelle's Story

For as long as I can remember I have been avoiding making decisions in my life. Breakthrough Coaching with Andrea empowered me to take ownership over my decisions, and uncover why I avoid change. My outlook on life is completely different, and now I feel confident with my decision making process. But the best part is that I am experiencing more freedom than ever before, because I am fulfilled and intentional about my life.