How to Build an Engaged Fanbase
(who actually listens to your music)
Without Going Broke + Losing Your Mind
June 20th
4:00 AM Pacific, 7:00 AM Eastern

Marni Wandner

Founder + President,
Sneak Attack Media

After ten years running a digital marketing agency centered in music, and working with well over 1,000 bands, I've created a process for artists to follow that helps them to take control over their own careers and build their own audience.

The music industry is overcrowded with bands and musicians clamoring for fans. Learn how to stand out by:

• defining your voice

• creating engaging content

• using social media to your advantage

We've met so many artists who come to Sneak Attack for PR, or who are banking on hooking up with a label or a manager, but really, what they need is to get themselves to the point where they are ready for those things.

Your audience is your equity, so we're going to show you how to build a good one who you can connect with, and then turn into consumers. Once you do that, you might find you're able to do most of it on your own - or the right partner might end up seeking YOU out because of the fanbase that you've cultivated.

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You'll learn:
  • How to start making real fans who listen to your music, love what you're all about and want to buy your stuff. Tired of posting things to social media and hearing crickets? We're going to talk about how to cultivate a fanbase who want to engage with you because you're rad.
  • Our 3-prong process for building your audience. Stop spending time and money on promotional efforts that aren't effective and start getting results!
  • How to crack the code on Facebook advertising - turn a tiny budget into actual fans.
  • Plus: you'll walk away with exact template we use to build our clients' followings which you will be able to take with you to start building your own.
Space is limited - make sure to grab your spot.
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