The 6 Secrets My Clients Used to Eliminate Emotional Abuse In Their Marriage

(without wasting years in therapy or counseling)

Thursday, May 28th 2020

1:00 AM PST — 4:00 AM EST

You're About to Learn...

  • A 6-part recipe for transforming a toxic marriage into a healthy one, even if your spouse doesn’t want to go to counseling
  • The REAL secret to getting your boundaries respected, even if he hasn’t in the past, and how to reignite his desire to prove his respect for you, without your having to say anything
  • How my clients are conquering their fears and reclaiming their queenly power… and the secret formula that makes this happen practically overnight…
  • Why compromising is NEVER a good strategy for rebuilding a healthy relationship … and how to draw out the ‘king’ in your man starting today!
  • And how to do all of this in a relatively short period of time, even if nothing else you’ve tried thus far has worked!
Deborah Watts

Deborah Watts

Deborah Watts spent seven years trying everything in the book to end emotional abuse in her marriage. Now at peace with her husband, as a strategic interventionist she teaches women how to reconnect with their power and then use it to detoxify their own relationships.

“Deborah is a true activist for humanity.”
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