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He's an award-winning, 7-figure financial advisor (NAIFA Top 4 Under 40) with articles in the Wall Street Journal, Advisor Today, Financial Advisor Magazine, WealthLinc, Round Table, and much more. He's also the co-founder of the CWA Network and an unrivaled planning process.

I’m Michael Palumbos and since 2012, I have averaged 23.71% annual growth because of John’s process. Join me as I teach you how John and I use a proven 2-meeting process that converts high net worth prospects into clients. 


You'll learn:  

  • The Two Meeting Prospect to Client Process.  

In order to convert more high net worth & business owner prospects into life long clients, you have to understand what matters most to them and how to deliver it in a matter that generates high value and builds trust. We’ll break down each of the 2 meetings of this process, and show you two ways you can strengthen each of them. 

  • We will Share The Missing Link of the Two Meeting Process.  

We didn't invent the two meeting process but we did perfect it. Without understanding this missing piece of the system the two meeting process is next to useless in our opinion. We are going to pull back the curtain and reveal how this missing link changes everything and how you can master it.  

  • Best Practices for Leveraging the Missing Link with IQM.  

Getting high net worth and business owner clients to sit down for a meeting is just the beginning. We’ll give you our secret formula so that you can leverage every opportunity and build tons of trust and provide maximum value in every opportunity going forward (I+Q+M=Maximum Trust and Value).  


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