How A Maxed Out Introvert Became A Client Enrollment Wiz & Built A Highly Profitable Coaching Business....
(All Without Feeling Sleazy, Sales Pitches, Pressure Or Working Weekends)

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Betsy Pake

With over 20+ years of sales experience in an award-winning career in corporate America and again as an entrepreneur building both brick & mortar and online businesses, I have learned EXACTLY what it takes to build your business and increase sales.

Not only can I teach entrepreneurs to increase their income, but I show them how to do it in a way that is congruent and aligned with their values so they feel empowered, energized and confident.

May 24
Friday, May 24 6:00 AM Pacific / 9:00 AM Eastern

In this masterclass you will discover:

  • The step by step game plan my clients use to get more clients and create a profitable business that gives them freedom (even if 'Sales' make their skin crawl)
  • The real reason why selling any service from behind a website is the WORST strategy to build a profitable business and the simple secret to MASTER sales and make more money starting today... even if you've never sold a thing.
  • How my clients understand SUBCONSCIOUSLY what makes more clients want to work with them.
  • Why my clients are throwing out the scripts and are understanding the SECRET to closing more business EASILY and with integrity.
  • And how they do all of this while staying in integrity, sharing their gifts with the world and creating the business they always wanted to have..


It will be 100% pure, value-driven content you can use STARTING TODAY! Grab a spot, because they WILL be GONE!

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