5 Shifts To Confidently Dominate Your Niche With A Strong, Authentic Brand
(and stop leaving money on the table because of shame & doubt)

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Wednesday, August 21st at 5:00 AM Sydney

  • The step-by-step game plan you need to build a strong, authentic brand (in 60 days!) so you can dominate your niche and stop leaving money on the table because of self-doubt and shame.


  • Why traditional rebranding is the WORST strategy for relaunching a business brand you’re proud of.. and how you can stop being held back by an ill-fitting brand TODAY.


  • The under-the-radar method our clients use to future-proof their brands through pivots and rapid growth, even if they’re newbies.. PLUS the ninja strategy that makes this happen practically overnight.


  • The secret to confidently scaling your business while creating maximum impact without wearing yourself out shouting at your audience and how to make sure it represents exactly what clients want.


  • The special sauce you need to get a brand you’ll confidently throw 100% of your energy behind, and can’t wait to promote, even if marketing isn’t your strong suit.


  • AND.. how to do all of this authentically, uncovering and truly OWNING exactly who you are making you irresistible to aligned clients.
leah bridge the golden goose consulting

Presented by Leah Bridge

Leah is owner of The Golden Goose Consulting. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs from around the globe uncover and own their authentic high-end brand identity they can scale their business with.

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