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How To Buy Defaulted Paper
From Banks at 20%

Banks are scared and they are dumping their mortgages to investors for as low as 10% of the value.

Have you ever thought about how much you could make if you were able to buy a mortgage that is in default from a person who carried back a mortgage when they sold their home (seller carry-back) or from the bank at 10%-50% of the actual value?

Would you say that beats doing a short sale?
What could you do once you get the paper?

You could: Foreclose, Rehab the loan, Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, Sell the note, Plus a lot more options!

I want to invite you to a special training I am doing on How To Buy Defaulted Paper From Banks at 20%. We will also be showing:
* Actual bank tapes
* Tape Evaulations
* Flipping the deals with no cash out of pocket

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