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12 Saucy Success Secrets to Power Up as an Artist

This is Gilli Moon I am an artist entrepreneur and creative business coach and strategist. I am a creative warrior. I live and breathe my dream as an artist creating awesome, hopefully awe-inspiring, products and projects for the world. But when I’m not in the studio, on stage performing, writing a song, or painting a painting, I work with artists worldwide, through The Creative Warrior Academy™ to BUILD their personal and professional dreams, to achieve their goals, develop skills, and empower them towards the life they've ALWAYS imagined. I do all of this while living my OWN dream of performing and creating.

Today I’m going to share with you an amazing way for you as an artist or creative seeker to POWER UP your creativity and your Business, in order for YOU to achieve the life YOU’VE always imagined. I’m going to give you my 12 SUCCESS TIPS on SUCCESS in the Music Business, heck any Arts/Entertainment business.

Register for my WEBINAR and

  1. Get my 12 Saucy Secret Success Tips, to thrive as an Artist in the Entertainment Business

  2. Learn the realities of the music business and how you can overcome the hurdles

  3. Learn how you can steer yourself or your creative business on a positive, dynamic and action-filled direction towards a higher purpose, greater passion and ultimate success.

  4. Gain strategies to

    • create change

    • build the vision and plan

    • build value around your artistry

    • create results

    • define what success means to you

    • maximize your marketability

    • find the passion

    • maintain personal reward and joy of the journey