The Top 5-Secrets Our Clients Use to Consistently Bring in 10 Loans-a-Month...

(while not having to work 24/7!)

October 22, 2019 // 10:00 AM EASTERN


You're going to Discover...

  • Why you should never be a deal giver, but instead become a deal creator.
  • Why it doesn't take years to build good referral partners. If you focus on this one thing instead.
  • How to generate referrals from Realtors, even after only one meeting.
  • The number one reason we fail. to achieve our goals. (Hint, it is probably not what you think.)
  • AND how to do all this without having to sell your soul or pay money for referrals.

Scott Peckford

Presented By Scott Peckford

Scott Peckford is a Mortgage Broker and Founder of I Love Mortgage Brokering. The #1 downloaded mortgage podcast. Scott combines his industry experience and knowledge from 100's of top producers into a simple system anyone can use to scale their mortgage business.

The strategies you teach for realtors are legit. They actually work and give you a reason to call! I have never had this sort of success in my business before. I had literally no process before starting this program. Compared to the Todd Duncan event I went to this was totally awesome. – Simon Lafave 

This has been the most effective training I have ever taken. I have doubled my volume year over year since starting this program. Plus I feel organized and have a clear picture in my mind on how to continue to grow my business. Certainly worth the investment. – Diane Gogar 

"There is nothing more expensive than trial and error."

- Marc Von Musser

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