TRUPTI GOKANI PRESENTSThe 5 Step Strategy My Clients Use to Resolve Migraines Quicker than They Ever Thought Possible

(Even if they'd exhausted conventional methods and nothing had worked)

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Trupti Gokani, MD

Ayurvedic & Wellness Counselor

February 17
Sunday, February 17 2:00 AM Central

Live a Migraine Free life fast!
In this Master Class, you will Discover…

  • The secret my clients use to banish their migraines and live with more pain-freedom, even if they haven’t felt that way in years
  • How, despite what most experts are saying, the brain has very little to do with migraine pain, and what simple things can be done instead to get results.
  • WHY taking pills and going from one medication to another is a risky and ineffective way to solve pain, and a simple technique that can truly resolve cycles of discomfort with a breakthrough technique, starting today!
  • The KEY to improving associated symptoms such as nausea, constipation, overwhelm, insomnia, sensitivities to light, sound and smell, by making a few KEY lifestyle shifts and shifting into a self-repair mode
  • How our clients are achieving sharper minds, better focus and improved moods while reducing medications … And how they're getting results practically overnight.
  • And how we do all this no matter how severe the pain, or how long it's been going on for.


Yes, Save My Spot !