Tuesday, December 18th

At 9:00 PM Eastern

3pm/9pm Eastern

We’re going to show you…

  • The exact 5 strategies I used to generate 5,811 leads in just 12 months (And the 2 strategies I used to go full-time in my first year in home buisness
  • Simple tricks for increasing your online “reach” and skyrocketing your credibility with your prospects making them view you as the attractive leader they want to join and do business with (this is exactly how I was able to recruit 166 new reps in 12 months without even picking up the phone) 
  • Free tools I use to create time freedom and leverage in my business (even the 2 free tools I use to do all my social media marketing in just 30 minutes per week. It use to take me an hour per day) 
  • How to put your product, system or opportunity in front of people who are actually looking for a product, system or opportunity. Sounds just crazy enough to work right?