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Blurbs, Endorsements & Reviews

Authors, you need book blurbs. You need endorsements. And you certainly must have book reviews.

But which is which? Is a blurb just an excerpt from a review?

Join us for the first of four free webinars with The Chicks at Sea, four book publishing experts who will set sail Jan. 15 for the 2nd Annual Publishing at Sea cruise, this time to the eastern Caribbean. You will learn:

--The difference between a blurb, an endorsement and a review.

--When you need endorsements and when you don't

--How to use these 3 forms of "social proof" to boost sales

--How many reviews you'll need before you launch

--The best ways to generate reviews without sounding like you're begging

--The importance of contests and awards in a book marketing campaign

...and answers to your questions! Amy will be joined by book shepherd Judith Briles, and publicity expert Joan Stewart aka The Publicity Hound. We'll let you know more about the cruise and what you'll be able to do by the time you're done with this one-week learning vacation.

Register to listen to the replay of the July 30 webinar at right, at your choice of times and dates.