Chris Johnstone Presents

The Suprisingly Simple Way To Get Your Website On The
Front Page Of Google In 2016!

Shocking Behind The Scenes Results From Our Internal Testing!

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September 21st

at 11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM Eastern

Hosted By

Chris Johnstone

During This Event You Are Going To Discover...

  • How we were able to rank 4 different sites in 4 competitive markets on the front page in less than 90 days!

  • The 3 major changes that Google has made that have made a massive impact on local traffic.

  • The simple changes to your website to immediately boost you up the rankings!
    (Checklist Included For Attendees!)

  • How to cut through all the clutter and misinformation and get mortgage customers from Google!

WARNING: This is the first Google webinar I have released since our incredibly popular Local Google Traffic series. The mortgage professionals that took advantage of that information were able to claim front page rankings in every major marketplace in Canada and generate quality closed loans.

In my humble opinion this training is even more powerful than our previous events.

There will not be a recording of this event and the slides will not be shared publicly. This is a one time opportunity to learn this valuable information.

We are limited to 1000 attendees. So claim your spot below!

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