5-Step Strategy My Clients Use to Rekindle
the Passion and Build a Rock Solid Marriage Without Rehashing the Past in Years of Therapy

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Dr. Corwynn Beals

My name is Dr. Corwynn Beals. I have been a philosophy professor for 15 years, after earning four degrees in higher education, including a masters from Yale, and a PhD from Fordham in New York. I’ve researched the philosophy of love for decades, including writing a book on the Wisdom of Love. For over 10 years, I have led transformational seminars and helped individual clients cross mid-life thresholds.

June 18
Tuesday, June 18 12:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern


  • The exact step-by-step game-plan my clients are using to transform their marriage even if one partner has given up.
  • Why spending years with a counselor sitting around talking about mutual complaints is the worst strategy for a fully alive marriage (and the simple secret my clients are using to ignite a bonfire of passion even if the fire has been gone for years).
  • How my clients put an end to the fighting without making compromises (and the simple secret to finding win-win solutions) even if all the books and expert advice they’ve tried following before has failed.
  • How my clients have moved beyond affairs and discovered a deeper level of intimacy than they ever had before in their marriage.
  • How they manage to do all of this and satisfy their spouse’s deepest desires while getting their own deepest needs and desires fully met.


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