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Your First Stock®

How you can catch your own investments and make more money with this hobby than you earn in your career

(even if you're scared & busy with no finance background)

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Presented by Cole Hauptfuhrer

I help people pick their own winners, invest their own money, and experience life-changing levels of simplicity, fearlessness, and freedom.

In a cluttered ocean of tell-you-how books and done-for-you services, Find Fat Fish® is investing's first done-with-you training.

I will help you catch Your First Stock®, then build your own portfolio, replacing needless fear with fact-based faith, going on offense without sacrificing your defense, until you've learned to fish forever and don't need me or anyone.

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Your investments represent every dollar you've ever studied for, worked for, sacrificed for, and bled for.

In thirty minutes, you'll discover...

  • Why your salary is basically irrelevant compared to your investments, and how you can use my proven blueprint to turn your stupidest addictions into your most intelligent investments without a finance background.
  • How you can pick stocks in your spare time—several hours per year, starting today, while avoiding reckless risks—and make more money with this hobby than you earn in your career.
  • Why diversification is self-sabotage and how you can invest like rich people did to get rich, not like rich people do to stay rich.
  • How to launch your lifetime of investing without wasting time or money on the crap that traps the public in a quicksand of confusion, poverty, and fear: No fees, no loans, no long shots, no news, no charts, no tips, no books, no theory, no complexity, no middlemen. Bare-minimum action. Bare-minimum expenses. Bare-minimum math.
  • How you can go from feeling petrified of your adultsville finance problems to feeling the joy—the glorious, nostalgic, little-kid-level joy—of making transformative income off of your favorite toys. ("I'm not playing Nintendo! I am conducting field research!")
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