3 Steps for Coaches: How to Enroll 5-10 Clients a Month

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3 Steps for Clients to Start Calling You - Bring Ease & Flow into Your Lead Generation Process!

Coaches, Consultants & Service Based Professionals: Repeatedly enroll 5-10 new clients a month into your high ticket offerings ($2,000+) without having to spend all your time on social media, networking or cold calling. Build true financial, time and location freedom.


Tuesday September 29th  

at 5:45 PM Pacific, 8:45 PM Eastern


Margie Shard

  • Investment News 40 Under 40
  • Created Several 6 & 7 Figure Businesses Online
  • Coached Hundreds of Entrepreneurs
  • Best Selling Author
  • Results Driven Process & Systems

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Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn: ...

  •  The 3 steps you need to repeatedly enroll 5-10 new clients every month into your high ticket offerings ($2,000 or more) - on rinse and repeat.
  • Learn how to quickly establish yourself online and quickly create 5-figure months.
  • What my system for a constant stream of qualified leads looks like – do the work once and put it on autopilot so you never have to worry where your next client is coming from. 
  • How you can dive into a proven, profitable system: I tear down the exact automated system I built that has my ideal client reaching out to me everyday ... even while I sleep.  
  • The answer to The #1 Mistake every new online entrepreneur (who is serious about replacing her income) makes and how you can avoid it to save both time and money. 
  •  I share with you my entire process which allows you to eliminate the frustration and stress of networking, cold calling/messaging, living on social media, or relying on others to bring you referrals.  

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