October 27th, 2020

at 12:00 PM Pacific, 2:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Eastern

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We’re going to show you…

  • How to set up your own CONSUMER-DIRECT FB ad that generates hundreds of quality buyer leads per month (that actually convert), so you don't have to rely on Realtors (and you can build stability through diversification)  
  • How to install a kick ass, automated follow-up campaign that converts 40-50% of your leads into engaged buyers who WANT TO TALK NOW, so you only have to spend your time with the hot-for-what-you-got ENGAGED BUYERS 
  • How to create wicked-effective FB ads for your Realtors that generate dozens of exclusive, quality buyer and seller leads per week (on their ad spend), and have TOTAL CONTROL of the entire funnel - even if you're a techtard and hate computers.
  • How to use your LEAD MACHINE as "SUPER BAIT" to attract Top Dog Realtor Partners and get them to go "ALL IN" with you and send ALL their buyers (while working on YOUR terms, not theirs) 
  • How to go NARROW, DEEP and RICH with a few key Realtor Partner Champs (who you actually ENJOY working with), instead of going wide, shallow and skimpy with a bunch of drama queen Chumps 
  • And much, much more!