Retirement Planning Masterclass

The 5 Simple Secrets our Clients Use to Retire With Confidence

(...Even if they haven't started planning yet)

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  • A proven 5-step gameplan to retire with complete confidence.
  • Why buying overpriced financial products in retirement can be a ticking time bomb and what you should do instead.
  • The big change in how financial advice is being delivered you MUST know about before you work with a financial advisor.
  • Why the "too good to be true" all-in-one retirement product probably is.. and how to sniff out the commission breath sales snakes.
  • And as a bonus: I'll show you the "4 L's" of quality retirement planning that your current 'financial advisor' probably isn't delivering and could cost you years of joy if you miss them!

Hi there! My name is Jason J. Hamilton

I'm the founder of Keep It Simple Financial Planning, a fee-only, fiduciary, registered investment advisor. We specialize in helping our clients retire with confidence. Come join our masterclass and see how!

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