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That Is Authentic To Your True Self, Magnetic To Your Audience & Profitable For Your Business
(even if you hate shopping or have no idea where to start)

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Thursday December 14 8:00 PM (Eastern)

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Hosted by Michele Charles Gustafson

Michele has helped thousands of women make life-changing shifts to their image and confidence after shifting her award-winning entrepreneurial career from marketing products to marketing people.

Co-Hosted by Your Name

What you'll learn:

  • How to be a 10x more visible to new clients and be top-of-the-mind memorable to potential collaborators without handing out a single business card.
  • How to communicate your true self with what you wear so that your first impression becomes a magnet for your audience to want to know more about you even if you afraid to death of "self-promotion."
  • How to strategically align your wardrobe choices with your age and outlook, so you own your personal power and become instantly relatable to those you want to impact in your business, relationships or mentorship even if you feel a little shaky on what your true style is.
  • How to spend less time comparing yourself to others, wondering how to look appropriate but still approachable and more time loving your unique style expression and attracting those that perfectly resonate with it.
  • How to transform your fear of standing out that is stagnating your activity and slowly killing your business - into a priceless personal confidence that quadruples your confidence and draws all the best opportunities, clients, income and relationships directly to you.


There is nothing for sale on this webinar. This is 100% practical content. You will leave this webinar with a step-by-step strategy to dress with impact starting with your very next outfit. Sign up now by clicking the button.

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