Leverage the Internet to Drive Big Sales 

The Missing Link to Unleash Your Full Sales Potential

Monday, June 25, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm BST

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Discover: ........................................................................

  • How to leverage your product or service so you sell more with HIGHER profit margins 
  • Why your website, blog, email marketing, Facebook, SEO or any other tactic you put effort into has not been producing the results you expected 
  • How to accelerate your sales using social media ads so you stop wasting time on endless meetings or pitches that lead nowhere

5 Reasons You Should Join This Webinar... 

  • This is NOT about theory or what the books say 
  • This session is packed with ACTIONABLE strategies for consultants, trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, small business owners 
  • You’ll hear about strategies that work in TODAY’S ECONOMY 
  • You will discover the most critical factor you must know to be successful in today's economy (it's not what you think!) 
  • You’ll get INSIGHTS directly from a successful entrepreneur and world-class business expert who shares what works both from her own business experience and from her clients’ successes

Join This Event So You... 

  • Become visible to your right audience 
  • Set up and effectively use a tested system to consistently generate sales 
  • Run your most effective marketing campaign starting with only $100 
  • Sell your product or service for the right price 
  • Avoid the mistakes that most small business owners make 
  • Ultimately become a significant player in your niche

So That You No Longer Have To... 

  • Chase clients 
  • Do painful cold calling 
  • Attend boring networking events 
  • Waste your marketing money 
  • Compete on price and undersell your services just to get business

Instead, you will only do what you are passionate about: 

Develop amazing products and serve your ideal clients who are ready to pay the correct price for your solutions 

Grow your business while making a bigger impact!

This 90-Minute Session Is for YOU If:

  • You have a small business OR 
  • You’re a coach, consultant, expert, trainer, speaker or author who wants to earn more and make a bigger impact AND 
  • You don't just want to survive... you want to thrive in this competitive economy

And Especially If... 

  • Your sector, product or service is highly competitive 
  • You have a steady successful business and you feel you could develop it further using online marketing 
  • You've recently launched your business and you don’t know how to accelerate your profits and maximize your sales 
  • You've tried various tactics to get clients and they haven’t worked 
  • Your sales are ok but you can’t find the time to develop your business 
  • You've run online campaigns but you’re not sure you are on the right track 
  • You successfully sell your product or service offline and you want to discover how to sell online too


Register and receive FREE

Attend this session and also receive FREE video containing the 7 new business rules. 

In this video you'll find tactics to implement right away so you increase your sales by 50% without changing anything in your business. 


This is for you if you want to use the power of the internet and social media to drive more sales, accelerate your profits and become a significant player in your niche…

…because you are aware that the old tactics no longer work.

Discover how to build your S.O.S. Machine to get your business to truly serve you…

…so you live your DREAM. 

Is This Webinar Really for You?


• You spend too much time thinking about your business idea and you're ready to get to action 

• You’ve acquired the expertise and now is the time to build something on your own or to start helping others with your knowledge 

• You are sick and tired of working for others, of being told what to do and how to do it 

• You left or lost your corporate job and feel you want to take another path – to be independent 

• You are frustrated with trying things that seem to work for others but don’t bring you results 

• You have a brilliant idea that can make the world a better place, or you have many ideas and you are not sure which has the most potential


• You’ve been a one-man show for too long and it’s time to build a proper business 

• You feel frustrated about investing so much time and energy into your business and not getting the results expected

• Everyone tells you how great you are at what you do, but you don’t seem to get enough clients 

• Your business relies on a small number of clients, which makes you feel insecure 

• You’ve paid various experts to bring you business, but word-of-mouth is the only thing that seems to work 

• You want to stop trading your time for money 

• You want to serve more clients so you have a bigger impact and leave a legacy


• You are always busy, but you won’t stop because you want even more 

• You feel under pressure from your competitors to lower your prices and it is increasingly difficult to avoid a price war 

• Your products or services are great quality, but your business eats up all your time and you are tired of sacrificing your personal life 

• You are losing business even though you’re not doing anything wrong or different to when your business was in full swing 

• You feel the economy is changing and you are not sure how to adapt to the new way people buy (including online) 

• You want to leave a solid business behind so you and your family feel proud

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