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The Ultimate 3 Step Formula for Building Iron-Clad Social Confidence So You Can Absolutely Beast It in Every Area of Your Life … and Have Fun While Doing So … Even if Right Now You Think You’re a Complete Social Disaster!

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January 25th

at 7:40 PM Pacific, 10:40 PM Eastern

Presented by

James Woodworth

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You will learn

  • Firstly; You will learn the real psychology behind social confidence – what it is and how to get it;

  • Secondly; I’m going to show you exactly how your mind works and what you need to know to get your mind working for younot against you;

  • And thirdly, you’ll discover some really practical but powerful tools, techniques and tricks – life-changing strategies you can start applying straight away.

“Choosing to be coached by James is one the best decisions I’ve ever made – our work together has had a hugely positive impact on my professional and personal life! I’ve got my confidence and my self-belief back which is just great.  I’m also in a new relationship which is just brilliant!  Thank you, James.”
Alex W.
Founder, Vision 4 Growth

James is a fully qualified teacher, trainer, coach, mentor, professional speaker and international best-selling author with over 30-years’ experience working in the personal and professional development industry. As a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant and Trainer James works with passion and commitment helping individuals and groups around the world build stunning social confidence.  A proud introvert James was extremely shy at one time in his life but coached himself to achieve great social confidence.  He now teaches others to do the same.

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