Need Clients? No audience? No Problem... 5 Proven Steps Our Clients use to Book their First $3,000 Clients (even if no one has ever heard of them)

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Gaelle Lecourt

Freedom & Business Coach

Gaelle helps women who are struggling in their career to create their online thriving service-based business. She specializes in making them stand out online so that they can book clients they love and have freedom instead of becoming a slave to their business. Using her strategies and techniques, her clients booked their first $3,000+ clients often before they even had a list or a testimonial! Leading by example, Gaelle lives the laptop (or freedom) lifestyle and travels between USA, Mexico and France every year.

May 28
Thursday, May 28 5:00 AM Los Angeles
8:00 AM New York
1:00 PM London
2:00 PM Paris
10:00 PM Sydney

In this Master Class, you’ll discover...

  • The step-by-step gameplan we used to create $10k month in our first year of business and that new coaches and consultants use to book their own HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS (even if they’re just starting their business and no one has ever heard of them before!)
  • The real reason why networking events and probono work is NOT a good strategy to have premium clients lining up at your door and how you can work with international premium clients starting TODAY
  • How our clients authentically book their first $3,000+ clients before they even have a testimonial, a website or any list yet and the secret shortcut that makes it happen practically overnight
  • The ‘Focus Point’ technique to be unique and make your competition irrelevant and how you can become an expert in your niche in 90 days or less
  • The Extreme Confidence Formula that will have you rock your sales calls naturally even if you’re the biggest introvert in the world.
  • AND how my clients do ALL of this while providing amazing outcomes for clients, without needing an office or an alarm clock, traveling anywhere they want, without a boss on their back.


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